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Supreme Hobby Hoarder? How to Use Hobbies to Add a Little Spice to Your CV


We’re not going to lie, no one ever gives you a job because you were the substitute rounders’ team captain. But if your CV is lacking in every other department, mainly not having a job, or you sound like Dull Dave, we’ve got insider hacks to make you sound as charismatic as Richard Branson. But we can’t guarantee you’ll be as loaded.

A Wasted Opportunity

 So you’re applying to be a web developer at a waste disposal centre. Good for you, someone’s got to do it. Your experience is lacking so now’s the time to beef up those interests. Keep them relevant and on topic to show your understanding of the firm’s ethics and job requirements. Something like this should do the trick: “I talk rubbish, get wasted on Fridays and have never bin so excited to work somewhere as here.”

Short and Sweet

 Remember the time you dyed your hair green? Or when you when went skinny dipping in -4 degrees? There are some hobbies, whims, and moments of desperation you’d do far better by forgetting. Leave non-relevant interests out and keep them short, which if you are a Dull Dave, won’t be hard.

The Big Debate

 There are debates all over Quora about CV layouts. Hardliners who rally the cause for interests to go at the top. Others who are horrified if they are placed anywhere other than in your cover letter. The choice is a tough one, we know. Just where, on two sides of paper, do I put my interests? Answer: No one really cares. Just don’t plaster them all over the shop. Check the spelling, keep ‘em relevant, make it look neat and then post your answer on Quora to watch them go into meltdown.

Kick-ass Hobbies

 So you want to sound as cool as aloe vera on a sunburnt buttock. Then you’ll want to try these kick-ass hobbies out:

  • Karate Black Belt (don’t say if your dancing rendition to Kung Foo Fighting is all you’ve got; do say if you’ve watched Karate Kid 100 times)
  • Recycling Warrior (don’t say if you think Friends of the Earth is a hippy commune; do say if you’ve got a reusable hot drinks cup stashed away somewhere)
  • Animal Lover (don’t say if you get confused between WWF – the panda logo charity and WWE – the ridiculous wrestling organisation; do say if you own a pair of CAT boots)
  • Camping & Off-Grid Hiking (don’t say if you get lost going to the local shop; do say if you once spent a summer in your Wendy house)
  • News Buff (don’t say if you get your daily news from Trump’s tweets; do say if you read Metro on your way to work)
  • Team Sports (don’t say if you were always the kid left out when picking teams; do say if you support the local footie team)

When Interests Become Uninteresting

 With a plethora of hobbies tucked under your karate belt, your CV will be doing press ups by itself. Yet there’ll come a time when you choose not to mention them. Like when you can fill two sides of A4 with employment history and not waffle. Once you get to that point, you can go back to being a couch potato and watching reruns of Friends all Saturday.

The safest trick with hobbies is to stick to ones you can pull off, or best still, interests no one will ever check up on. Just make sure you don’t get put in charge of the work kayaking trip due to your keen interest about it on your CV, if the closest you’ve ever come to a kayak is the holiday search portal.