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Feeling a Little Inexperienced? Here’s How to Add a Bit of Experience to Your CV


So you’re looking to beef up your CV experience but your party trick of making a cup levitate doesn’t really cut it. Don’t fret. We’ve got you covered with these top experience-boosting tips. (Although we’re pretty impressed with the floating cup, to be honest.)

 Add On the Interest

While ‘watching movie marathons on Netflix’ might not be the best CV filler, you could bump that up to ‘avid film critic’. After watching eight straight episodes of Stranger Things, your ‘keen eye for detail’ might notice plot flaws and continuity errors.

What we’re saying is, use your interests to demonstrate other positive attributes. (Wolfing down a giant tub of popcorn might be best leaving out, though.) If you have to take your dog out twice a day, you could be an all-weather walker. Jumping up and down to reach the top cupboard where you’ve stashed your chocolates might be classed as ‘I enjoy working out’. (Just remember to wipe the chocolate from your mouth before your interview.) Jot down your interests and see what you can pull from them.

It’s Tempting to be a Temp

The great thing about being a temp is that if the job is horrendous and the boss even worse, you know come two weeks’ time, you can file the dull tasks in the ‘it’s my last day today’ tray. Just do it with a smile though, as they’ll still have to write you a reference. Just be sure to apply for jobs that will beef up your CV.

Boost those Tea Making Attributes

So you make wicked cups of tea and can operate a photocopier (easier said than done, to be honest). Well hello you! You’re now fully qualified to work for free under the guise of ‘internship’. It’s not everyone’s cuppa, we admit that, but it is a way you can gain experience, of tea-making at least, or possibly be offered a job at the firm. If you’re happy to do an internship, make sure they have an endless supply of deluxe biscuits to sweeten the deal. Plus a photocopier that doesn’t require a diploma to use it.

Of Course I Have Skills

“So tell us how you spent your time productively.”

“Um, so during lockdown I just, like, went onto Facebook and Instagram for five hours a day.”

Yeah, might be best to keep schtum about that one. You could however, use your spare time to do some online courses. There are free ones about, check out Open University and Future Learn, plus other paid classes. But if you do pay for any, don’t go above your budget as you’ll be kicking yourself if you can’t buy that family-size pizza on Friday evening.

Help They Neighbour

Remember the neighbours you’ve never said hello to? Well now’s the perfect time to do just that. While you’re at it, see if they need their weekly shopping collecting, after all they might be elderly or self-isolating. Or just plain lazy. You can then champion on your CV that you volunteer around the neighbourhood. Maybe you can work in a charity shop (go to one where they sell nice clothes so you can get first dibs) or volunteer at an animal sanctuary. It makes you sound like you’ve got a heart of gold. Even if you haven’t.

Set Up Your Market Stall

So you’ve decided to apply for something completely different to your work history. You’re a qualified beautician and now you’re applying to be an office PA. Don’t stress, maaaany skills are transferable, you just need to market them correctly. Remember when your client came in and wanted relationship advise while you were doing her nails in 20 mins? “Excellent listener, communicator and problem-solver in tight deadline situations” would sum those skills up nicely. No word of a lie, just marketing your skills to the job you want. And if that fails, well heck, say you’ll give a free manicure every Monday morning.

We’re confident that with these top experience CV boosting tips, you’ll be able to apply for jobs left, right and centre. Providing, of course, you know your right from your left…