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Example Receptionist CV

Looking for your next job as a Receptionist? Looking for the perfect example Receptionist CV to help you land your dream interview? Our team of CV Writing Experts have written an example Receptionist CV for your to take a look at! Our example Receptionist CV includes example work experience, education & personal profile sections to make your life 10x easier.


What Makes This The Perfect Example Receptionist CV?

Personal Summary

The personal summary section of our example Retail CV aims to make it instantly clear to a recruiter why you are the best candidate for their new retail job vacancy. It focuses on giving retail recruiters a quick overview of your experience in retail jobs and what you have achieved for other companies in the retail space.

Education History

The aim of the education history section of our example Retail CV has been designed to show retail recruiters that you are educated, reliable & successful retail candidate.


Retail job recruiters love to hire people who have existing retail experience! So our example Retail CV gives recruiters a clear breakdown of your previous retail work experience and achievements in other similar roles.


Sometime retail recruiters can get extremely bored of reading the same boring CV over & over again. Our example Retail CV gives you a great chance of getting a new retail job by spicing up your CV just a little bit. We add a visual representation of why you are the perfect person to hire for their retail role, showing off all of your professional skills, relevant to the job.


The References section of our example Retail CV isn’t essential, it’s pretty much a “nice-to-have”. But, as we like to say…if you have it…flaunt it. If you have a couple of excellent reference from your previous jobs, feel free to add them. This will always make you look more trustworthy, helping you land that golden interview!

Contact Details

Without any contact details, retail job recruiters can’t contact you right? We have included some of the most important contact details that you need to provide in our example Retail CV