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Example Engineer CV

Trying to create the perfect CV for your new Engineer job? Our team of CV Writing Ninjas have created the perfect example Engineer CV for you to use. The example Engineer CV has been written to make sure you stand out from the pile of bland CVs that recruiters usually see on their desks.


What Makes This The Perfect Example Engineer CV?

Personal Summary

The personal summary section of our example Engineer CV has a a pretty amazing professional profile written for Melina Rowe. It has been written to show off how much experience Melina has a great Engineer. Hopefully making Melina’s CV stand out for the pile of bland CVs that recruiters usually receive. In this example Engineer CV, Melina talks about her approach to engineering being results driven, she then backs this statement up by showing off the successful hardware & software she has created.

Education History

Melina’s example Engineer CV shows off her great educational achievement right at the top. Engineering recruiters usually like to see that an Engineer has the ability and discipline to learn a new skill, as programming languages change every now & then.


Sometimes it’s easy to forget how just how essential having relevant work experience is, our example Engineer CV gives recruiters a deeper dive into your experience as a superstar Engineer, showing off your experience and achievements at previous tech companies.


Let’s face it, the skills you have are pretty much the most important thing when it comes to landing a new job as an Engineer. Our example Engineer CV has a list of the engineering skills you are have that are relevant to your new job. It will let Engineering recruits know straight away that you are a great fit for their new Engineering role.


The references section of any Engineer CV is pretty much optional, but it you have great references…Show them off! Showing off how much previous employers respect & value your work is a great way to make you stand miles apart from the pile of boring CVs on a recruiters table.

Contact Details

So you’re the perfect fit for a recruiters’ new Engineer role after using our example Engineer CV…recruiters will need to know exactly how to contact you so they can arrange an interview. So never forget to add both a contact number & email address to your new CV. Also, make sure you double check both your number & email. Nothing more annoying for a recruiter than thinking you are the perfect fit for their role, only to try and call you to find that your number is missing a digit!