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Example Chef CV

Are you a culinary superstar looking for the perfect Chef CV to help you land your dream job? Our CV Writing Ninjas have created an amazing example Chef CV based on Melina Rowe, who has over 12 years experience managing kitchen operations for five-star hotels & restaurants. Our Example Chef CV shows of Melina’s essential skills as an experienced chef, alongside her international experience.


What Makes This The Perfect Example Chef CV?

Personal Summary

We have used the personal summary section of our example Chef CV to really show off why Melina Rowe is the perfect fit for a recruiters’ new chef role. It has been written to clear show how experienced Melina is, the type of kitchens she has managed & her international experience as a chef over the past few years.

Education History

Having a solid culinary education is the foundation of an excellent Chef CV. So in our example Chef CV we have add Melina’s educational background which shows she is not only an highly experiences chef, but a University educated business manager. The perfect combination for a Head Chef.


As a Chef, having experience working and running a Kitchen is essential to landing amazing jobs. In our example Chef CV, we list Melina’s experience as a Chef & Head Chef at some of London’s top restaurants. Making her stand out from the crowd.


As a Chef & particularly as a Head Chef, recruiters will be hiring you for a lot more than your culinary skills. The ability to manage menus, inventory & staff are vital skills. So we have added them to our example Chef CV for Melina.


The references section of any Ched CV is pretty much optional, but it you have it…flaunt it. Showing off your excellent previous employer references can make you stand miles apart from the pile of boring Chef CVs on a recruiters table.

Contact Details

Pretty much the most important part of your Chef CV! If a recruiter loves your CV, they are going to need to know how to contact you. So we have added both Melina’s email address and mobile number to our example Chef CV.