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Example Business Development CV

So you’re search for your next job as Business Development Manager or Business Development Assistant? Our Team of Professional CV Writing Ninjas have created the ultimate example Business Development CV to help you land the perfect job! We have added a little summary about each section in the example Business Development CV to clearly explain what really makes this example CV so great!

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What Makes This The Perfect Example Business Development CV?

Personal Summary

The aim of the personal summary section of a Business Development CV is to quickly show the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate for the new job vacancy they are hiring for. So, our example Business Development CV gives an attractive glimpse into your experience and achievements. Engaging the reader to want to read the rest of your CV, pick up the phone, invite you for an interview and ultimately give you the job!

Education History

We use the Education History section of our example Business Development CV to show the recruiter exactly how well education you are & how reliable you are. Having the ability to complete  a set of exams shows a level of dedication which some drop-outs lack.


Recruiters always love to hire people who have previous Business Development experience, it can be 1 month or 12 years! We make sure to some relevant work experience to our example Business Development CV.


Imagine have to look through hundreds of CVs every day…it can be extremely boring right? We want our example Business Development CV to stand out from the crown, so we have added a little visual representation of the skills that make us the perfect candidate their the new Business Development role.


We’ve added a “nice-to-have” section to our example Business Development CV, References. Recruitment is all about trust, recruiters need to be confident that they have the perfect candidate. So showing off your excellent references can definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Contact Details

Only a fool with write an example Business Development CV without Contact Details, right? So we have popped in the Contact Details that you need to add our your CV to ensure recruiters call you for that golden interview!