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Example Accounting CV

Do you have superstar accounting skills? Use our Example Accounting CV to help you land a job interview for the perfect Accounting Job. Our team of CV Writing Ninjas have created the perfect example Accounting CV based on someone with 8 years of experience working as an Accountant, and experience developing Trainee Accountants.


What Makes This The Perfect Example Accounting CV?

Personal Summary

Melina’s Personal Summary in our example Accounting CV has been written to show off Melina’s 8 years of Accounting experience. It aim to instantly make it perfectly clear that Melina is the perfect fit for the recruiters new Accounting job role.

Education History

Accounting is one of the job roles at really needs you to have a specific set of qualifications. In our example Accounting CV, Melina makes it clear to the recruiter that she is the perfect fit for their new Accounting job. Not only does Melina has a University Degree in Accounting, she also has an ACCA from a great school!


Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important having relevant work experience in Accounting is. Accounting jobs usually require you to have experience as an Accounting Assistant as the very foundation of your Accounting CV. Our example Accounting CV gives recruiters a deep look into your experience in Accounting job roles, highlighting your experience and achievements at previous companies.


Our example Accounting CV list all the skills relevant to new Accounting job roles. The skills section been written to give recruiters a visual representation of why you are the perfect hire for their new Accounting job role.


The references section of any Accounting is optional, but it you have it…flaunt it. Showing off your excellent previous employer references can make you stand miles apart from the pile of boring Accounting CVs on a recruiters table.

Contact Details

The contact details section is the most essential part of your new Accounting CV. Without any contact details a recruiter has absolutely no way to contact you if they want to hire you for their new Accounting job role.