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Example Accountant CV

Are you a talented Accountant looking for your next job at the perfect company? Our team of CV writing Ninja have created the perfect example Accountant CV to help you get the job interview that your work experience and financial skills truly deserve. Our example Accountant CV is based on an Accountant with over 8 years of experience providing high quality financial information!


What Makes This The Perfect Example Accountant CV?

Personal Summary

The personal summary section of the our example Accounting CV has been written to make it perfectly clear to recruiters that Melina is the perfect fit for their new Accountant job role. The example personal summary gives the reader a clear overview of your professional experience over the 8 years few years.

Education History

In our example Accountant CV, Melina Rowe has an excellent educational background. In the UK, Accountant need to have the relevant qualifications, so our example Accountant CV has been written to clear show recruiters exactly how qualified you are.


Melina Rowe has some amazing work experience in our example Accountant CV. She provides an excellent level of detail into her experience as a Management Accountant for Google & her role as a Corporate Accountant for Apple. Three great employers that instantly add credibility to her Accountant CV.


Having a set of exceptional financial & personal skills can make your CV really shine! Our example Accountant CV has a list of some of the skills Melina has that are relevant to her getting a new Accountant job role. It a clear visual representation of important information to recruiters.


The references section of any Accountant CV is always optional, you definitely need to add it, but it you have it…show it off. Showing off a couple of well-know previous employer references that can boast about how great you are as an Accountant, can make you stand miles apart from the pile of boring CVs on a recruiters table.

Contact Details

Pretty much one of the most essential parts of your new Accountant CV! If a recruiter loves your CV, they are going to need to know how to contact you. Our example Accountant CV give recruiters both your mobile number & email address, now they have no excuse not to contact you for an interview!