Putting together the perfect CV can be pretty difficult! So our team of CV Writing Ninjas have decided to build the ultimate library of example CVs to make creating your CV 10x easier. We have written example CVs for virtually all popular jobs. Each example CV comes with paragraphs of waffle to let you know what makes it so great & why you should copy it!

What Makes The Perfect Example CV?

We figured out that just giving you an image or PDF of the perfect example CV isn’t enough. Most people don’t really understand what makes it so great, and…just ruin it when trying to make their own. A complete waste of time! So…our CV Writing Ninjas have taken the time to write a full description alongside each example CV to let you know exactly what makes it the perfect example CV.

What Sections Are In an Example CV?

All of our professional example CVs contain the following example CV sections:

  • An example Personal Summary
  • Education history examples
  • Work history examples
  • Examples of relevant skills & qualifications
  • Finally, examples of the contact details you should include in your CV